Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Are You Screaming About?


  1. You've actually improved this one. (Still waiting for Moona Lisa: )

  2. Bite him, Moo, bite him! He always did get on my nerves and even now that I can see he's screaming at a psychedelic tortoise I still don't care.

  3. Moo...Moo...Moo....what can I tell ya....I haven't been by for a while and it took me some time to read up on you....I see you have moved up to a highter spiritual plain yet remain humble enough to share your yard with lawn stand as a lesson, a beacon for all those of us who are mired down with unimportant, meaningless stuff...

    You inspire with your physical as well as spiritual growth...rock on, Moo, rock on!

    (I LIKE that...Moona Lisa....but it has inspired me to think of "Moo River"...the song from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or is it "Breakfast at Moofany's"?)


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