Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Stray WHAT????

So. The wifey takes the dog for a walk to the dog park every morning about 5:30am before it gets to be 100. She usually comes back with the dog. In the past she's come back with more dogs. Before that, she's come home with cats, hamsters and turtles. (But she could retort I come home with boa constrictors, rats, birds and stuffed armadillos.) Anyway, I was getting ready to leave for work while she was at the dog park. I was brushing my teeth and heard some laughter and doors opening and closing and then silence. Then my cell phone rang. It was the wifey.

"Go look in the back yard and see what I found at the dog park!"

I sighed.. OK

Meet Moo (and Maggie...she's the one on the left). The daughter calls her Moo because she immediately started eating the lawn.

The funny thing is, I was working at a client's home today and told her about finding the tortoise and she said, "WOW!! I used to raise tortoises! HOW COOL!!" She said they are very sociable and will respond to their name. (This one comes out when people are in the yard and likes to be petted on the head.) So she gave me a lot of advice and care and feeding tips and knows about a "Tortoise Society" locally. We did some googling and found out we have an African Sulcata Tortoise. They get upwards of 100 pounds or more. Moo is well on the way.

We were talking at supper. We're the only people I know that have found three turtles in Arizona. I think she's a keeper (Moo and Maggie...)