Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Taj Moohal

This is the condo s-p built for me in the corner of the yard. Its a cozy little studio setup attached to the shed, and has an insulated ceiling and a raised floor in case it rains enough to flood my front yard. The common wall is with a lawnmower and gardening tools so they're pretty quiet neighbors until they come out to party. I've got some nice rock landscaping and my own private water dish that I don't have to share with the fish. Mmmmm...fishless water!

I also have free access to a couple hundred square feet of grazing area.

I pretty much spend the nights and hottest parts of the day in here. In the summer I try to beat the heat and grab some breakfast before 9AM, although now that it is cooling down I'll sleep in until 8 or 9, and if it stays below 90 I'll lay in the sun to keep up with my tan. (You never know when a potential Mrs. Moo might show up in the yard.) I'll usually grab supper in the late afternoon and hit the sack when it gets dark.

I'll probably hire someone to put some kind of a door on that has a turtle friendly doorknob of some kind, and wire it for a small heater for the winter months. Fortunately, I was able to grow an Orthodox beard just in time for winter, so at least my chin will stay warm.
But, I don't think shell and leg fur is in the gene pool for me. I've shopped around and I haven't seen any human neck sweaters in my size at the mall around here...they're all made for those tiny svelte size 4 Desert Tortoises, not us BBT's. (I'll bet if Oprah was a turtle they'd carry her size...)

I've heard rumors that s-p is planning to remodel the back yard. I'll have to see what's going on. More later....


  1. Man, that Moo has it good!

    wv - no lie - hyperhip

  2. You've done well for yourself there, Moo, Elizabeth and I are both house-hunting without half so much luck.


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