Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kiss Me, Baby!

I know you can't resist....MMMMMWAAH!


  1. ewww! You have lettuce breath!

  2. Don't complain...at least its a "green" kiss, and besides, I happen to know you're vegan. Pucker up, buster! :)

  3. Dear Moo,

    Do you hibernate? Will we have to manage all winter without you?

  4. Hi Margaret, I don't hibernate but I do sleep in. Around these parts "winter" means the temperatures during the day only get up to 70 in January but the nights get down to the low 30's once in a while. I've got a little condo I'll post a picture of soon. Its worth about half what I paid for it now. But since I live for 150 years, I'm sure it will probably come back in my lifetime.


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