Monday, August 17, 2009

Oxymoronic Swimwear

Turtle Speedo


  1. Oh, I didn't know he was a European Turtle....

  2. Groan.


    I notice he always seems to be eatting lettuce (?) in these pictures...

  3. How did he get into your dresser?

  4. You may have to be reported to PETT (People for the Ethical Treatment of Turtles.)

  5. Clint, He's a distant cousin of Michael Phelps.

    Elizabeth, You are indeed perceptive, Grasshopper. Tortoises are very sociable and if I don't distract him with food he'll follow me around and won't be still while I stack animals on his back and dress him up.

    Gabe, The more important question is how do YOU know what's in my dresser...hmmmmmm? Trust me, Moo looks better in a Speedo than me.

    John, He's a stunt tortoise, no harm, no foul. :)

  6. A better name would be "Flash."

  7. Do I want to know whose dresser that thong came out of?

  8. Yup, the only way we can get our tortoise to stay still and not follow us around is to bribe him with food :-)

    But Moo is definitely setting style trends. I shall make sure not to let my "Speedy Gonzales" see Moo's latest designer wear......

  9. Philippa, My wife and I are over 50 and it shows...and we know it. Spandex is NOT a "constitutional right" (at least in our house. :)
    The "Speedo" is actually cut from a legal size piece of paper.

    Elizabeth, It was interesting, we put out signs "FOUND TORTOISE" and got 5-6 calls! All of them were for small "Desert tortoises" except one who had one of what we found, except it wasn't theirs (I was glad for me, sad for them and their kids.) So do you keep yours in the yard too? What kind is it?

  10. Mine is a small Mediterranean tortoise, which I have had for the last 38 years.

    He lives in the back yard from April through to mid-October, (providing we have no frost in the nights in April and October) and late Fall he is put in a cardboard box with lots of shredded paper in our garage to hibernate in safety.

    Interestingly, he wakes up *every* Christmas Day, as if to celebrate with us, no matter how cold the weather may be :-)

    A video of my "baby" is here, just click on the picture to set it going:

  11. Awesome; yep; food is good bribery. Elizabeth@ - that is really cool.


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