Sunday, December 13, 2009

Turtle Fireplaces

It is winter in Arizona. We've gotten down to the mid 30's a couple times lately and the highs are in the mid 50's with some rain for the first time in months. The Taj Moohal has proven to be waterproof and is now outfitted with a "fireplace" (the red glow you saw in the earlier pictures): a bathroom 250 watt red "heatlamp" bulb suspended from the ceiling in a drop light. (I heard somewhere that reptiles can't see "red".) Moo has taken up residence and spent the last week indoors in front of the fireplace. He calls and orders lettuce pizza delivery.
He's a lousy tipper.

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  1. I remember he said a while back he was going to get some heating fitted for the winter. I'm glad to see he got round to it and he looks sooooo cosy.


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