Sunday, September 13, 2009

Turtle Pin-up Girls

Marilyn Monroe...

Marilyn Moonroe...


  1. Ba ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    Ya killin' me Moo....ya killin' me!

  2. Where are the heels? And the wig?

  3. Silly Philippa...have you ever tried putting stiletto heels on clodhopper feet like these and then walk in grass...much less FIND heels in size 2-EEEE? ... Or tried putting on a wig when you can't reach the top of your head? Nylons on THESE legs?? Out of the question. Of course we turtles think you humans are pretty weird looking with that two legged upright walking thing you do...unless you're bringing us lettuce.

  4. OK Humans, enough of this middle-man nonsense. I'm perfectly capable of speaking for myself so I set up my own google account. S-P, just put the lettuce down by the computer and leave me alone, OK? No, I don't need you to proofread my posts, I know how to use spell check...
    Yes I AM slow, so sue me...and stop looking over my shell while I type. Sheesh.

    Sorry, I just never know what this guy is up can't turn your shell on him, you do and the next thing you know you have a tutu taped to your butt.

  5. Bwaaahahaaaaa! Ah Moo, may I have your autograph?

    I look forward to your Star on the Walk of Fame!

  6. Oh c'mon Ashley, its not nearly as racy as the Moo Phelps Speedo turtle beefcake pose I did for the ladies...


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