Monday, November 9, 2009

Bathing Beauty

WARNING: R-rated Turtle Nudity!


XXX voyeur video.


  1. What ever became of his beard?

    (And how, besides the beard of course, do you know he's male? Does he have a concave plastron?)

  2. Hi Anastasia, I have a high level of turtle testosterone and I can grow a beard virtually on demand. Male converts to Orthodoxy envy me. Regarding my concave plastron, I prefer not to discuss my privates in public.

  3. Oh, Moo, that was quite scary seeing you with your head under water for that long!

  4. Moo,
    I've been having back troubles as of late. How did you manage to get into the tub? Did S-P kindly assist?

  5. Philippa, the waves in my pool are pretty small for my surfboard and s-p won't take me to Hawaii.

    TGW, Yes, s-p puts me in the tub, but he averts his eyes...I've always been shy about being naked in front of people even in junior high gym classes.

  6. Moo are you related to Morla the Aged One, from the Neverending Story?

  7. Leyla, Probably a distant cousin on my mother's side. :)


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